Lecturer: Justinus Grebowicz

The Inquisition and its 13th-century proceedings.

My name is fr. Justinus Grebowicz OP and I was born on 04.05.1994 in Warstein. After my Abitur I first studied at the Faculty of Theology in Paderborn until I joined the Dominican Order in 2016. I am currently studying Catholic theology at the University of Vienna.

fr. Justinus Grebowicz OP


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Tournament conditions


In honour of the wedding of Albrecht Landgrave of Thuringia and Kunigunde of Eisenberg

Directly to “Tournament on foot” ▼
Directly to “Registration” ▼

Tournament on horseback

The prize for the victory is a material prize worth approx. 600,00 Euro!

Each participant has sufficient knowledge and training in the disciplines Tjost and Melleé. For safety reasons, we use a wooden Palia/ middle plank to separate the riders in the joust. Our show ground measures 12 x 40 m. To the Melleé the place will be cleared. The tournament lances will be Organizers placed, they are 3.50 m long with a tip of balsa wood 1m long D=25 mm. Each knight must have his own squire for the tournament. The squires have to adapt with their clothes and equipment to the 13th year.

Every duel goes over three calls. For each broken lance on the opponent’s shield the competitor receives 1 point. For particularly good starts and multiple broken lances, the ladies’ court can award an additional point.

To the Melleé the pot helmet can be taken off. Each participant has to provide sufficient head protection. A cervelliere under or on the Coif (chain cap) is well suitable. Personal protectors must be hidden invisibly under the equipment. The Melleé is ridden with sword and shield. The number of individual hits is evaluated by the judges.

Number of hits: max. 3 – after that the hit knight is eliminated from the further fight. The Melleé lasts max. 10 min. The riders have the possibility to stay briefly in a rest zone or to rearrange their equipment. Within this zone nobody may be attacked! An exchange of the horse is not permitted.

Hit zones: Helmet from above! And upper body.

Prohibition! All stitches. Slaps in the face. Strikes on the rider’s legs. Beatings to the horse.

Important! Top commandment! Every participant takes care of his safety and health and that of his horse and the safety and health of his opponent and his horse!

Violations of these rules will be punished with disqualification. The reminders and instructions of the judges have to be obeyed!

All points from the joust and the melleé are added together. Before the total number of points is announced, the ladies’ court can award additional points for particularly good riding and fair play and good equipment. The victory will be awarded over the maximum number of points. If there is a tie of points, the winner wins again with sword and shield.

Rider’s equipment:

• All equipment and clothing are to be adapted according to the picture of the 13th century

• Underware, chausses, body shirt, 1 or a 2nd Cotte or an acetone as padding under the armor

• Ring armour for the upper body and upholstered or waistband hood +Coif (chain hood) individually or attached to the hooderk

• Mail chausses are not a must! If available desired!

• Tunic/Surkot in the colours of the coat of arms or single-coloured

• 1 shield with shackle strap or neck strap and one coat of arms lance = banner lance

• Helmet as a pot helmet with fixed closed field of vision, slits max. 1.5 cm, material thickness min. 1.5 mm

• Crest – if available desired

• Sword as one hand sword on the Surkot belted (suitable for show fighting, no embrasures, no rust, sword tip 1 Euro size round)

Equipment of the horse:

• Complete couverture including head in one colour or adapted to the colours of the actor’s coat of arms.

• Bridles and saddles according to historical illustrations – if available desired!

• To protect the horse’s head, a horse’s forehead should be used, which can be worn under or on the couverture. Important! No steel! We have had good experience with leather and the inside is lined with felt.

Tournament on foot

Please choose from the two classes “Infantry Tournament / Knightly Duel” the one you want to compete in!

The prize for the victory in each of these classes is a material prize worth approx. 300.00 Euro!

Each participant has sufficient knowledge, training and discipline. Violations of these rules will be punished with disqualification. The reminders and instructions of the judges have to be obeyed!
Depending on the number of participants there will be preliminary rounds. Start 10.00 a.m. Saturday 22.06.2019. Each duel will have 3 hits for the winner. The final rounds will be held in the afternoon as part of the Grand Tournament. All fighters who reach the final rounds will be asked to walk to a Mellée to better explain the historical character of the tournaments. The women’s court will award a special prize to the best fighter. Also a good equipment can be very helpful to inspire the ladies!

Wichtig! Oberstes Gebot! Each participant takes care of his safety and health and the safety and health of his opponent!

Infantry Tournament Requirements

Helmet: Adapted to the 13th century e.g. monkshood, cervelliere as in Mac Bible. Also accepts nasal helmets with open visor.

Armor: Exclusively time-typical textile armor like the Mac Bible.


• Shield in triangular shape, also early shapes are allowed


• Mace/p>

• Spear or Ger

• Malchus (Falchion), large knives

• For swords only in conjunction with the humpback shield.

When using modern protectors you have to be careful that they should not be seen at any time or better to do without them because the VA is not a Battle of Nation.

Knightly duel requirements


Exclusive use of time-typical setup. (Hauberk, Haubergon, bonnet if necessary mail chausses, Coat of plates)

Helmets must correspond to the time position, helmet as a pot helmet with fixed closed field of vision, visual slits max. 1.5 cm, material thickness min. 1.5 mm


• triangular shield, also early shapes are allowed


• Mace

• Sword e.g. Oakeshott Type XII, XIIa, XIII,XIIIa, (XIV)

When using modern protectors you have to be careful that they should not be seen at any time or better to do without them because the VA is not a Battle of Nation. If you don’t have knightly armour you can’t report for the class!

The hit zones – to avoid misunderstandings, the hit zones are discussed and determined with all participants on site.

Important hint!!! Prerequisite is that you are generally registered for the event Convenimus Saeculo XIII.

The closing date for registration for the tournament on horseback is 31 May 2019!

After your registration we will send you the insurance and liability conditions by e-mail. Please sign them and return them to us or bring them with you to the tournament at the latest.


I participate in the following tournament classes:
Tournament on horsebackInfantry TournamentKnightly duel

Patron: District Administrator – Reinhard Krebs

“To communicate history in such a lively way and to bring people from all over Europe together in one place of former division for a common project – this is a great project that I like to support!”

District Administrator – Reinhard Krebs

press office

District Office Wartburgkreis
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The Program

Here is the current state of our CSXIII 2019 program. There are many ideas to continue to fill this program.

8.00 UhrFriday 19-06-14 - Saturday until 16.00 Arrival and constructionBus Tour Naumburger Dom and to castle Neuenburg with guides and Concert in the church.

IMPORTANT: For the bus tour please register promptly via the contact form.
The deadline is 31 March 2019 or if the 2 buses are fully booked in advance (approx. 90 seats).

8,- € Naumburg Cathedral.
8,50 € Neuenburg
9.00 Uhr
10.00 UhrWestburg church serviceTeaching for Horses and RiderInv. Vs. Cav.Route march with battle incl. CavalryTournament for footcombat
Katharina von Suderburg:
Fillet knotting of hairnets
rest day vacation
11.00 UhrWorkshop
Juliane Schwartz:
Workshop dyeing with fresh woad
12.00 UhrGuides on the castle and museum
13.00 UhrWorkshop
Michael von Auenburg:
Bonding with birch pitch
14.00 UhrInv. Vs. Cav.Teaching for Horses and RiderOpen-door-day incl. Tournament knights on horseback finals for footcombat
15.00 UhrWorkshop
Matthias Kurz:
Dances of the 12th/13th century
16.00 UhrSiege the castleLecture:
Erik Limburg Uni Erfurt
Eisenach in the 13th century - ascent and descent?
17.00 uhr
18.00 UhrOpening ceremonyLecture:
fr. Justinus Grebowicz
The Inquisition and its 13th-century proceedings.
Dr. Bienert
The Siege and Conquest of Thuringian Castles in the Second Half of the 13th Century - Reliable Findings from the Science of Events
Dr. Janis Witowski
Ransom and imprisonment. Captivities in the Middle Ages
Isak Krogh
Armor 13.cent.
Arne Koets
Cavalry and Horsemanship 13.cent.
A. Bichler
The crossbow - a long-range weapon

21:00h Westburg
hourly prayer
Followed evening together

From the planning office

Due to some requests concerning the duration of the event from June 15th to 23rd, 2019 we would like to inform you about the following information.
There will be an extensive and very interesting program throughout the week. We have many exciting things in planning. This program will soon be publicly visible on our homepage and of course here on Facebook and will be gradually added in the following weeks. We are in discussion with various market traders, where everyone has the opportunity to acquire various equipment and everyday objects.
For those who are not able to participate in the event for the whole time, we will announce times for setting up and dismantling. These times must be kept, so as not to disturb the daily program and the atmosphere. If you would like to come with a horse, here we would like to offer you a comprehensive program on the subject of training horse and rider, cavalry vs. Infantry and, of course, field marches including field battle with cavalry.


With this page we start the project

convenimus saeculo XIII

“Meet us in the 13th century.”

Here you will find further information and news about our project in the near future.

Of course you can also contact us for questions, comments and suggestions.