The motto

Under the motto “convenimus saeculo XIII – We meet in the 13th century” we would like to start a project, which brings together actors of the 13th century from Germany and other European countries and encourages and stimulates the exchange and understanding internationally. The “convenimus saeculo XIII” is intended to become a platform for peaceful and lively coalescence of the most diverse languages and cultures on a high qualitative level.

Wartburg Sparkasse

Funded by the Wartburg Sparkasse!


Lecturer: Justinus Grebowicz

The Inquisition and its 13th-century proceedings. My name is fr. Justinus Grebowicz OP and I was born on 04.05.1994 in Warstein. After my Abitur I first studied at the Faculty of Theology in Paderborn until I joined the Dominican Order in 2016. I am currently studying Catholic theology at the University of Vienna.


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Tournament conditions

„In honour of the wedding of Albrecht Landgrave of Thuringia and Kunigunde of Eisenberg“ Directly to “Tournament on foot” ▼Directly to “Registration” ▼ Tournament on horseback The prize for the victory is a material prize worth approx. 600,00 Euro! Each participant has sufficient knowledge and training in the disciplines Tjost and Melleé. For safety reasons, …

The wheel of time

We cannot turn back the wheel of time, change historical developments, whether good or bad deeds, progress or setbacks, we can only look back and study, explore and make comprehensible for us this period of 100 years of history. We want to create a platform that takes on a new international dimension. In recent years, there have been a number of good projects, mostly based on historical events, anniversaries, anniversaries and similar events. The cooperation between science and historians on the one hand and the lively implementation of the findings (Living History) and experimental archaeology on the other is becoming increasingly important and is thus gaining more acceptance. In some areas, joint studies and projects have been underway for many years. And many of those who work professionally in universities or museums also pursue the most realistic experience possible in their hobby, experimentally exploring medieval history and conversely some find their professional career path.

The 13th century is not only limited to Central Germany, however, and it is not only here that there are enthusiasts dedicated to the exploration and representation of this era.
How exciting would it be to take a look at Germany’s country of origin, but how often do we get the opportunity? Is it possible to create an opportunity for all these people to come together in one place, in the middle of Germany (quasi the centre of Europe) to create a common project?

The ruins of Brandenburg Castle

The castle ruin Brandenburg near Lauchröden (Thuringia) has been a meeting place for many years for the whole of Germany. And we also find some of our neighbours’ comrades-in-arms. From a touristic and regional point of view, the activities of the Brandenburg Association and its members are well established and have become an integral part of the annual calendar. First and foremost, the Brandenburg Castle Festival, numerous small and large concert and theatre performances, the redesign and operation of a castle museum, to name but a few. The association has simply created a special kind of meeting place. Not only in order to preserve the castle ruins, to protect nature conservation and to provide visitors with interesting insights into the history of the castle, the association has rendered outstanding services since its re-establishment in 1990, but also to carry the region and its monuments far beyond the borders of the federal state.


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